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Slap Cap Bottle Opener

Slap Cap is 6” in length, made from stainless steel and has a recess which happens to perfectly fit bottle caps. Give Slap Cap a smack and the cap goes flying towards its target. Sounds easy?  

  • Try shooting into a cup on a shelf, into a shoe by the door, or off your table into the trash can.  
  • Get your friends together, put some time on the clock and race for the highest score.  
  • Compete on teams relay race style by launching caps into a solo cup before passing it to a teammate.  

What was once just a boring kitchen tool has now turned into a post-bottle-opening-extreme-challenge-party-game!!!

Custom Lasering Available

Need an awesome way to promote your business or event? Contact Us to get started!

Get your business or personal logo etched onto Slap Cap! The available lasering area is 1.5” x 2.5” (3.8 cm x 6.4 cm). Our laser is able to etch a barcode on a head of a pin so complex logos are more than welcome. Please reach out if you have questions!