Our Story

Since I was young, design has been my passion, filling countless notebooks with ideas. Beginning as a mechanical engineer at a renowned lighting and home automation company, I engineered components for products shipped worldwide. Over six years, this career provided invaluable lessons in manufacturing, packaging, product management, and even marketing. But fueled by my passion for design, I wanted more. Utilizing my corporate experience, I embarked on building my own business and product line starting simple and expanding as I learned.

With each new product launch, I eagerly embrace the challenges and learning experiences they bring. Each product allows me to explore various aspects such as manufacturing processes, marketing strategies, distribution channels, packaging design, product assembly, and logistical hurdles.

We have expanded our reach through the establishment of an affiliate program and a diverse distributor network, encompassing boutique shops to industry leaders like MillerCoors and the Carlsberg Brewery Groups. Additionally, we've provided custom products for the Screen Actors Guild Award (SAG) gift bags, reaching over 750 male actors and attendees.

With each challenge, I eagerly seize the opportunity to create a lasting impact. Here's to the thrilling road ahead. As always, thank you for your support.

Cheers, Brian

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