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We're back in action, crafting a product for a brand-new category for us! After receiving our initial batch of samples, gathering feedback from our alpha users, and making some adjustments, we're eagerly awaiting the arrival of the second round of samples next week. Personally, I've been using my alpha unit daily and can't wait to introduce it to our Gear Infusion community.

Minimalistic? Check.

Engineered to the highest level of detail? Absolutely.

A functional piece of artwork? Without a doubt. 

A daily essential? Most Certainly. 

Designed to last a lifetime? You bet.

We Ship on Schedule

In our past funded Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns, we've consistently shipped on time or up to 1.5 weeks ahead of schedule. In addition to our clear email updates, you can check the project update section anytime to track our progress in the production process. We value the trust and investment you've placed in us and believe you should be engaged in the process every step of the way.


$189k Raised via Crowdfunding and 6300x Units Shipped on Schedule

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EverRatchet Clip

$39k Raised via Crowdfunding and 1500x Units Shipped on Schedule

Shop EverRatchet Clip

Brew Soldier

$6k Raised via Crowdfunding and 460x Units Shipped on Schedule

Shop Brew Soldier

Key Titan

$15k Raised via Crowdfunding and 560x Units Shipped on Schedule

Shop Key Titan


$22k Raised via Crowdfunding and 690x Units Shipped on Schedule

Shop Wallets


$17k Raised via Crowdfunding and 1500x Units Shipped on Schedule

Shop Pry.Me

Past Campaign Testimonials

We know that there are certain concerns around transparency, communication, and delivering on crowdfunding campaigns. That's why we want to highlight reviews from our seven successful past campaigns to underscore our commitment to keeping our backers informed. Your trust in us means everything, and we're dedicated to ensuring you're always aware of our progress in the production and delivery process.

“This has been the most professional IGG campaign I’ve participated in. Thanks for doing it right!”- Josh G.

I’ve backed nearly a hundred crowdfunded campaigns over the last six years and this is, by far, the best-run one I’ve backed. I wish that some of the radio-silent creators I’m still waiting on would take to heart Brian’s approach to communicating what’s going on, as in update #9. (And, of course, that things appear to be going really well doesn’t hurt matters… ;)”– Andy D.

“Reordered.  Just wanted to let you know, I’ve contributed to over 10 Indiegogo campaigns.  You were by far the best in terms of communication and project management.” – Mike P.

“Not only a great product you are providing, but also formidable campaign management. I encouraged everyone I know with interest in such tools to support the campaign. Again, thank you very much for such a great tool.”– Manuel T.

Los Angeles, CA

“This is staying on my key ring forever! Overall this has been the BEST run campaign on Indiegogo. Brian is simply fantastic! He’s the gold standard for developers and campaigners. There are many who could learn from him.”– Anand J.

Los Angeles, CA

“The quality of this tool is very nice and it will definitely fit in well with my EDC. Thanks for showing good production, operation and delivery standards.”– John W.

Los Angeles, CA

“3 HUGE, LOUD CHEERS for Brian and family on the wonderful progress! Thank you all for your commitment, long hours of hard work, and vision. You’re creating a support useful tool for EDC.”– Dean W.

"You are the exemplar in how to run an Indiegogo campaign. If the ratchets arrive on time, this will restore my faith on crowdfunding. Great communication, very professional!”– Theray W.

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