Amazon Affiliate Notice


Gear Infusion Amazon Affiliate Notice


This notice is to inform you that we are part of the Amazon Affiliate Program and have outbound links on our website that direct you to Amazon while providing us with a small referral. These outbound links are clearly marked with the texts similar to "Referral Links", "Paid Link" "#Ad" or "#CommisionEarned" next to a link.  The link will look similar to this: where XXXXXX is the specific product link on Amazon. These links will never be hidden behind a button, it will a text hyperlink to the exact text mentioned and will be clearly marked as a referral link.

We do not use referral links to direct you to our own products on Amazon. The "Buy with Prime" on select product pages is a separate Amazon program that directs consumers who are more comfortable purchasing directly from Amazon to our product pages on Amazon. No referral fees are earned when a consumer used the "Buy with Prime" purchase option.

We will typically use the Amazon Affiliate Program when directing you to a product that works with our product or complements our products. These are products that we do not produce but have tested and verified as an appropriate item to share with you the consumer.

For more information about our Amazon Affiliate Program, if you have questions, please contact us by e‑mail at or by mail using the details provided below:

Gear Infusion
[Re: Compliance Officer]
PO Box 542 Fountainville Pennsylvania US 18923