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Brew Soldier Bottle Opener + Keyring

Brew Soldier is the same size and thickness as a standard key allowing it to remain camouflaged on your keyring until called into action. It’s grade 5 titanium construction provides the strength and reliability needed when out in the field.

Proudly made in the USA!

Brew Soldier in the 2018 SAG Awards Gala Men's Gift Bag!

If you are following Our Story you know that we are a small yet growing company, so being in the same gift bag as these massive companies is such a great honor! Thanks People and EIF for including us in this opportunity!

Brew Soldiers in the 2018 SAG Awards Gala Mens Gift Bag!Brew Soldiers in the 2018 SAG Awards Gala Mens Gift Bag! 2


1x Brew Solider Bottle Opener
1x Standard 32mm Keyring


Replace that Aluminum Bottle Opener

It was probably free but it is time to upgrade and replace that aluminum bottle opener from that shore trip back in 2005. 

Left: Brew Soldier, Right: Typical Aluminum Bottle Opener

Grip Tooth

Brew Soldier has a tooth which captures the edge of the cap and does not let go until open. 

Surface Finish

A glass/polymer finish is applied to keep it nice and new every time you reach for it. Cerakote colors or Orbital Grey and Coyote Tan are available.


  • "Its always with me on my key chain. Its very small portable size makes me forget I have it. Very handy." - Andy (Amazon)
  • "I really like this opener. It's small and doesn't take up much space on your key chain or add to the heaviness of all those keys. Yet, it's still sturdy and tough. Well, thought out design. Definitely recommend it." - E. Cantu (Amazon)
  • "This works much better than I thought it's super sturdy lightweight and hides away until you need it." - Ron M. (Amazon)
  • "Solid, light and thin." - FireFly (Amazon)
  • "It just opened its first beer, it definitely did not slip! It's even lighter than I imagined!." - Malcolm D. (Kickstarter Backer)
  • "Got mine today and just tried it works great." - Todd W. (Kickstarter Backer)
  • "Got mine yesterday too!! Man that thing is cool!" - Will (Kickstarter Backer)
  • "This thing is great. Got it on Friday and used it over the weekend." - Colten P. (Kickstarter Backer)



How Big Is The Keyring Opening?

The opening is 0.18" (0.46 cm).
Does This Fit On Key Organization Tools?
Yes, Brew Soldier fits on our Key Titan Carabiners as well as KeyBar and KeySmart organizers.
Where Are The Orders Shipped From?
Domestic and international orders are shipped from Pennsylvania, USA.

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