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EverRatchet Clip FAQ Accordion


Do You Offer Custom Logo Lasering?
Yes, contact us to get started to get a rendering of your logo on the tool.
Is EverRatchet Clip TSA Friendly?
Yes, the edge on EverRatchet Clip is TSA compliant.
Can I Use Other Bits?
Yes. Standard 1" 1/4 drive bits will work with EverRatchet Clip and can be stored in the tool.
Flint2Go Fire Flint Compatibility
Our Flint2Go Fire Flint is not included with EverRatchet Clip (it is included with the EverRatchet tool which uses rubber suppression bands to hold the bit/flint in place). We did not include it as standard for two reasons: 1) Each time you put the flint in or take it out of the tool (or using the flint) you will be scrapping of material which reduces it size and ability to be robustly held in the tool. 2) We found that a lot of users did not understand how fire flints were supposed to function.