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Pry.Me Bottle Opener + Keyring

Gear Infusion

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There is no denying that a standard keychain bottle opener is convenient to have in the moment, but the rest of the time you end up with a clunky, unwelcome addition to your keys. This super small keychain bottle opener is the size of a penny, made from Grade 5 Titanium, and can hold up to 164,000 times its own weight. Go ahead, clean up your key ring and beer opening game with Pry.Me, your super small yet super strong bottle opener.

Proudly made in the USA!


-1x Pry.Me Bottle Opener
-1x Standard 32mm Keyring

Pry.Me Bottle Opener is Patent Pending





Win a titanium bottle opener!

We give away three bottle openers each month! Choose between the penny-sized Pry.Me or the key-sized Brew Soldier bottle opener.

Want your opener now? Go ahead and purchase your opener, we will refund your opener and shipping when you win!

Click HERE to see the past winners.