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KT5 Key Titan Carabiner

Gear Infusion

--- IN ACTION ---



--- FEATURES ---

KT5 Key Titan Carabiner Overview


The KT5 uses a Suppression Ring to silence your keys.  

  • 1) Install your keys  
  • 2) Slip the Suppression Ring into position
  • 3) Run around, enjoy the silence.  

Installing Keys onto KT5
Installing Keys onto KT5



Reverse clipping Key Titan can ensure extra security when travelling or allow you to take your keys with you (noise free) when you exercise. 

Key Titan Reverse Clipping


We gave Key Titan two clip areas, one for keys (green area) and one for hanging the Key Titan unit (red area) removing the chance of an accidental key drop when clipping your Key Titan to your pant loop, purse handle, or other objects.

Key Titan Separate Hang Areas


Your keys are important to you…so we have added a 2-step removal to all the products in the Key Titan lineup to ensure they don’t unexpectedly get away from you:

2-Step Removal of Keys from KT5
2-Step Removal of Keys from KT5
  • Step 1) Open Closure Gate
  • Step 2) Unhook Suppression Ring from the Suppression Ring Hook and push into the Closure Gate Opening


As you may already know from our other products, we love inconspicuous bottle openers which keep your keys professional but always beer ready. We just couldn’t resist on this one. In the entrance to the closure gate there is a small bottle opener feature. Made possible by the grade 5 titanium body construction, this feature is less than .050” in height and blends in with the closure gate seamlessly. The neat thing is that you use your keys as the leverage arm which gives you a hidden-in-plain-sight 2.5” bottle opener.

Concealed Bottle Opener
Concealed Bottle Opener

--- 1/4" SLIP WRENCH ---

Each Key Titan features a ¼” Slip Wrench. The wrench slips to allow you to drive a ¼” object/bit without lifting the Key Titan off the object/bit. Now you’re not going to be assembling a house with this, but it is a handy tool to have around for those smaller fixes. 

1/4" Slip Wrench Feature
1/4" Slip Wrench Feature


Animation of 1/4" Slip Wrench Feature
Animation of 1/4" Slip Wrench Feature

--- SPECS ---  

 KT5 Key Titan Carabiner Specs


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