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Never Stop Cranking

Thanks to EverRatchet's Dynamic Ratcheting Beam you can turn large fixes into small fixes since you don't need to lift and reset the tool between each turn. Its dynamic ratchet beam stays rigid when rotating the bit but when you go to reset the tool it flexes out of the way allowing the tool to rotate around the bit. This avoids the issue seen on other small carry tools where you are required to lift and reset the tool each time, making them impractical for those larger fixes or where you don't have visibility to the object being tightened.


-1x EverRatchet Tool
-1x #2 Phillips Bit
-1x Flint2Go Fire Flint

EverRatchet is Patent Pending


How it Works

EverRatchet's dynamic ratcheting beam stays completely rigid when rotating the bit but when resetting the tool it flexes allowing the tool to rotate around the bit.  This amazing ratchet makes this a one size fits all tool for any project and is a much-needed feature when you are working with limited visibility or space.  Let's get ratcheting!

Watch those bits spin, forever!

Left Image: Tighten, Right Image: Loosen


Small and Mighty

How much force can EverRatchet handle? Shown below is a Stainless Steel EverRatchet holding 20 in-lbs on its dynamic ratchet beam (20lbs, 1 inch from the center of rotation)! Thanks to the ratchet beam design, it is extremely strong down its length but flexes out of the way with some satisfying click action when you go to reset the tool.

Got stubborn or rusty bolts? Use EverRatchet's static 1/4" wrench feature to break the bond and then swap over to the ratchet to complete the task!


More Tools. More Functionality

Equip yourself with a 1/4" ratchet, fire flint, pry bar, 7 wrenches, bottle & box opener, scraper and more all on a handy keychain which you can carry with you:

Main Tools - Overview


Materials and Specs

EverRatchet will be cut from a solid sheet of Stainless Steel or Titanium using EDM (Electrical Discharge Manufacturing). This manufacturing method uses a computer controlled machine to pull an electrified wire through the sheet of metal resulting in very precise components.

A Surface Finish Perfected Over Time

We have improved our products surface finishes over the past year to make them more and more scratch resistant.  EverRatchet will be featuring our latest glass and polymer applied finish to keep it nice and new every time you reach for it.


 A Handy Size

TSA and EverRatchet



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