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EverRatchet Clip Ratcheting Keychain Multitool

EverRatchet's dynamic ratcheting beam stays completely rigid when rotating the bit but when resetting the tool it flexes allowing the tool to rotate around the bit. This amazing ratchet makes this a one size fits all tool for any project and is a much-needed feature when you are working with limited visibility or space.

EverRatchet was proudly brought to life on Indiegogo by 6273 backers, now this amazing product is available to everyone thanks to their initial investment in the idea!

Left Image: Tighten, Right Image: Loosen


On EverRatchet Clip we have made upgrades in the following areas: 

  • New All-Metal Design with Bit Holding Side Catches
  • Main Body Upgraded to Grade 5 Titanium
  • New Pocket Clip, More Ways to Carry
  • Improved Bottle Opener
  • Ratchet Max Torque Increased
  • Tighter Fit Keeps the Bit in Place 


1x EverRatchet Clip Tool
1x #2 Phillips Bit

The Ratchet Feature

We created a one-of-a-kind dynamic ratchet beam that holds the bit in place while turning but flexes to allow the tool to rotate back to its starting position. To tighten a screw, put the bit into the ratchet and turn it back and forth like a normal ratchet. To loosen a screw, just flip the tool over and rotate in the other direction.

Bit Holding Side Catches

The dynamic ratchet beam pushes down on the bit while the side catches ensure it is cradled and securely held in place.

New Pocket Clip, More Ways to Carry

The addition of a pocket clip allows you to easily hook the tool on to your pants, bag or add to your keychain. 

No Pass Channel

The no pass channel on the pocket clip was designed to ensure the keyrings do not pass through it to give you an alternative way to carry.

A High-Quality Manufacturing Process

Our sleek design may look simple but the manufacturing process is anything but. EverRatchet Clip is cut from a solid sheet of titanium using EDM (Electrical Discharge Manufacturing). This manufacturing method uses a computer controlled machine to pull an electrified wire through the sheet of metal resulting in very precise components. It features our latest glass and polymer applied finish to keep it nice and new every time you reach for it.

Additional Features

-Built in Ratchet

-Pocket Clip

-Bottle Opener

-Box Opener

-Pry and Score Tool

-7 Wrenches (5mm, 3/16", 6mm, 1/4", 7mm, 5/16" and 8mm)

-Flat Edge Scraper

-Flat Head Screwdriver

-Two Key Ring Loops


  • "I really like my EverRatchet. It is well designed and works great!" - George S.
  • "Received mine yesterday, thanks! Looks great and will be a welcome addition to my pocket tools." - J. Haaga
  • "Received today better than my other one I backed B4, great bit of kit." - Anthony R.



Do You Offer Custom Logo Lasering?
Yes, contact us to get started to get a rendering of your logo on the tool.
Is EverRatchet Clip TSA Friendly?
Yes, the edge on EverRatchet Clip is TSA compliant.
Can I Use Other Bits?
Yes. Standard 1" 1/4 drive bits will work with EverRatchet Clip and can be stored in the tool.
Flint2Go Fire Flint Compatibility
Our Flint2Go Fire Flint is not included with EverRatchet Clip (it is included with the EverRatchet tool which uses rubber suppression bands to hold the bit/flint in place). We did not include it as standard for two reasons: 1) Each time you put the flint in or take it out of the tool (or using the flint) you will be scrapping of material which reduces it size and ability to be robustly held in the tool. 2) We found that a lot of users did not understand how fire flints were supposed to function.

EverRatchet is Patent Pending, submitted by Concept180, LLC
EverRatchet is a Registered Trademark belonging to Concept180, LLC
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