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While these trying times can lead to a lot of uncertainty and anxiety, it can also bring out the best in people and lead to new innovations that can change the future. Inspired to find our own way to contribute to the fight against COVID-19, we leveraged our ability to engineer tools to solve everyday problems to design a solution to help decrease the spread of germs. 

In a few hours, we quickly engineered a no-touch hook that we could laser at home out of wood. Through local marketing, in a few days, we were able to give away 1,200+ tools to the local community. However, we soon recognized that this new germ-conscious way of living will be the new normal and people need a safer tool made out of better material that will be a must-have for your everyday carry.

FoldAwayHook was proudly brought to life on Indiegogo by 185 backers, now this amazing product is available to everyone thanks to their initial investment in the idea!


1x FoldAwayHook Tool


Hook Tucks into the Body Preventing Contact

The fold-away feature sheaths the hook into the body of the tool. Single piece tools do not store the contact surface leaving things it is exposed to such as your pocket, keys or counters. Stay safe and tuck it away!

Brass Hook

The no-touch hook is designed out of brass. Research completed by the American Society for Microbiology, has firmly established helpful antimicrobial properties of copper and brass surfaces and their ability to kill germs.

Stop Feature

A uniquely designed pivot point with an O-ring allows the brass hook to flip out similar to a pocket knife and ensures that the tool remains in the open or closed position. 

Teflon Side Guards

Two internal Teflon side guards ensure that the hook does not touch the body of the tool when storing into the handle. 

Specs and Dimensions


-Door Opener

-Button Pusher


-Box Opener


-Bag Crrier

-Keyring Carry

-Custom Lasering Available



Where Are The Orders Shipped From?

Domestic and international orders are shipped from Pennsylvania, USA.

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