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This Titanium penny sized bottle opener is the smallest in the world. Forget about heavy tools, this little gadget is easy to add to your keychain or put in your wallet to make sure you are always prepared. Find out more HERE

Stealthy and strong the Brew Soldier is the same size and thickness as a standard key. It’s grade 5 titanium construction provides the strength and reliability needed when out in the field. Find out more HERE

This wooden bottle opener includes an invisible magnet that catches the caps once the bottle is opened avoiding the mess. Available in cool designs, with Customized name and Initials or a totally customized design for the ultimate personalized gift. Find out more HERE

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I’ve been a mechanical engineer for the last five years with a passion for design and innovation. More recently, I’ve been using my craft to invent products with the aim of making everyone’s life a little simpler. Cheers!

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