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Welcome to the Gear Infusion Laser Zone. A place where we can take our products and customize them, or we can help you bring your ideas to life!

Our laser uses a very focused beam to etch details down to the size of a barcode on the head of a pin or up to a 12" x 24" shape. We are able to vary the power and speed to control the darkness/contrast of the mark against the surface.

CUT plastic, wood, and textiles up to 3/8" thick 
ETCH onto Plastic, Wood, Textiles, Metal, Glass and Stone
FIXTURES are created when running multiple of one item to ensure precise placement of the laser mark every time
DESIGNS can be submitted by you or our in house expert can provide assistance in creating the design you are looking for

Cheers and let's get lasering! 

2018 Screen Actors Guild Awards - Brew Soldier Bottle Openers

Diesel - Pry.Me Bottle Openers

Wall Mounted Bottle Opener: Last Name and Initial

Wall Mounted Bottle Opener: Custom Design

Acrylic Ship and Snap In-Store Displays 

Gear Infusion In-Store Display

Let us help you on your next project!

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