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EverRatchet Multitool Ratcheting

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EverRatchet's dynamic ratchet beam stays rigid when rotating the bit but when you go to reset the tool it flexes out of the way allowing the tool to rotate around the bit. This avoids the issue seen on other small carry tools where you are required to lift and reset the tool each time, making them impractical for those larger fixes or where you don't have visibility to the object being tightened.

Each EverRatchet ships with a #2 Phillips Bit and a Fire Flint! 

EverRatchet Multitool Material and Specifications

Click HERE to grab your EverRatchet for 20% off on Indiegogo! 


EverRatchet Multitool Features

EverRatchet Ratcheting Keychain Multitool Carry Tool Features

EverRatchet Multitool Carry

Please note that EverRatchet also spelled as Ever Ratchet is trademarked and our ratchet feature is patent pending.

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