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Win a Titanium Bottle Opener!


We are giving away three bottle openers each month! Choose between the penny-sized titanium Pry.Me or the key-sized titanium Brew Soldier bottle opener.

Want your opener now? Feel free to get your shop on, we will give you a refund when you win!

Winners will be notified by email and will have their first name/state put on our winner’s board below.

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--- Past Winners ---

January 2018 – Micheal from Arizona: Coyote Tan Brew Soldier

January 2018 – Nick from Georgia: Orbital Grey Brew Soldier

January 2018 – Scott from California: Orbital Grey Pry.Me

December 2017 – Kevin from Texas: Original Pry.Me

December 2017 – Chris from Australia: Orbital Grey Pry.Me

December 2017 – Chelsey from Minnesota: Blue Pry.Me

November 2017 – Jerry from Florida: Orbital Grey Brew Soldier

November 2017 – Brice from Virginia: Orbital Grey Brew Soldier

November 2017 – Scott from Ohio: Coyote Tan Brew Soldier

October 2017 – Jim from Illinois: Orbital Grey Brew Soldier

October 2017 – Todd from Pennsylvania: Blue Pry.Me

October 2017 – Joseph from Pennsylvania: Orbital Grey Brew Soldier

September 2017 – Joel from Georgia: Orbital Grey Pry.Me

September 2017 – Jeremy from Oklahoma: Orbital Grey Brew Soldier

September 2017 – Lexi from North Carolina: Orbital Grey Pry.Me

August 2017 – Robert from Knoxville: Orbital Grey Pry.Me

August 2017 – Theodore from Phoenix: Coyote Tan Brew Soldier

August 2017 – Joe from Orange: Coyote Tan Brew Soldier

July 2017 – Hunter from Colorado: Gold Pry.Me

July 2017 – Lindsay from Australia: Original Brew Soldier

July 2017 – Chris from Virginia: Original Brew Soldier

June 2017 – Allison from Tennesse: Orbital Grey Brew Soldier

June 2017 – Matthew from Australia: Original Pry.Me

June 2017 – Fabien from Paris: Orbital Grey Brew Soldier

May 2017 – Lee from Texas: Orbital Grey Brew Soldier

May 2017 – Aiden from Massachusetts: Original Brew Soldier

May 2017 – Devin from Nevada: Original Brew Soldier