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PulseX1 Ultra Slim Wallet

PulseX1’s patent-pending design provides the functionality of your everyday wallet while eliminating the bulk and providing a sleek stylish design.  Engineered to provide the features of a high-end wallet while leveraging a minimalistic design we can offer our wallet at a fraction of the cost of similar wallets on the market. 




1x PulseX1 Wallet

StrapTrack Channel

Our StrapTrack channel feeds the elastic strap around the wallet without adding additional thickness.

Expandable Design

PulseX1 can carry up to 15 cards with its expandable design.

Quick Card Access

Two thumb access areas allow you to quickly grab your license/most used cards.

CNC Machined

PulseX1 is CNC machined from solid metal giving it a modern and stylish look.

Carry Cash (Option 1)

Cash can be securely carried inside or on the outside of the wallet by rerouting the strap around one of the plates. 

Carry Cash (Option 2)

Cash can be securely carried inside or on the outside of the wallet by rerouting the strap around one of the plates. 

RFID Protection

Keep your information secure by surrounding your credit cards with metal. Not today hackers!


Light Silver, Dark Grey, Black, Gold


Weight and Dimensions


All wallets will ship using our in-house blister packaging machine.

Custom Lasering

Looking for 10x or more custom wallets with your logo? Reach out to us via the Contact page to get a visual of your logo on our wallet.


Do You Offer Custom Logo Lasering?
Yes, contact us to get started to get a rendering of your logo on the tool.
How much does PulseX1 weigh?
PulseX1 weighs 1.60oz (45g) when empty. 
How many cards can it hold?
PulseX1 can hold 1-15 credit cards.
What thickness does this add to my stack of cards?
Each plate is only 0.125" so both plates add 0.250". 
Does PulseX1 provide RFID protection?
Yes, PulseX1 provides RFID protection from those trying to steal your information.
Can the PulseX1 wallet carry cash?
Yes, cash can be securely stored inline with the cards or the elastic strap can be rerouted to the exterior if you want to carry your cash on the outside of the wallet.
Do I need any special tools?
No tools are needed to take the wallet apart or to replace the elastic band.

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