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Wall Mounted Bottle Opener with Magnet – Custom Designs

--- In Action---


Make your own design and bring the great outdoors in with this wall mounted wood bottle opener. The pine wood used in these openers came from trees that were fell in Pennsylvania, hauled off to the mill and then refined into the perfect opener for your home. Each unit has a 1.25″ diameter high strength neodymium magnet to catch those falling bottle caps.
Image File: Our software coverts black and white images into a file which can be read by the laser. Anything that is black in the image will be lasered and anything in the image that is white will not be. Gradients of color can be achieved when greys are used as grey is a combination of white and black. Please keep in mind that for legal reasons, we are not able to laser any media which is copyrighted or trademarked.
Design Review Note: All custom designs will be uploaded onto our template and will be sent back to you to get approval on size and position prior to lasering.

The Natural Wood Note: Please keep in mind that we are working with natural wood and your opener may differ slightly in color/laser darkness and may contain slight imperfections depending on the wood that we are using for the run. This being said, we hold a high value to quality and we ensure each and every opener looks great and is something that we would be proud to hang in our homes before it leaves our doors.


-1x Wall Mounted Bottle Opener with Magnet
-1x Mounting Hardware

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