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Less Gear, More Beer

Less Gear, More Beer

February 19, 2019

When preparing for an overnight hiking trip, it’s easy to overpack. After stuffing all of the extra clothes, snacks, and gear into your pack, not only is it too heavy, but you don’t have any space left for beer. Downsizing on clothes is easy, but how do you eliminate equipment so you’re down to the bare essentials? Pry.Me can simplify this task for you. Pry.Me is the smallest bottle opener in the world and it’s capable of more than just opening beer. Here are a few ways you can reduce your pack weight and how Pry.Me can help:

● One of the simplest backpacking hacks is to use the smallest pack possible for your trip. If you don’t have the space to begin with, it’s easier to avoid overpacking.

● You should also weigh everything you want to bring. As you acquire new gear like cookware and a sleeping bag, check to see how many ounces you’re adding to your pack. Do you really need the extra weight or is there a lighter alternative? For example, instead of bringing a hard-plastic water bottle, opt for something lighter such as a recycled gatorade bottle.

● The Pry.Me is small, durable, and incredibly strong. You can cut back on those spare carabiner clips, because the Pry.Me can hold up to 164,000 times it’s weight (which is 145% lighter than a penny). Made of Grade 5 titanium with multiple finishes available, the Pry.Me is strong enough to pull a car and it can hold your weight. While you’re on the trail, you can use it to open bottles, hang your food at night, and more.

● If you want to reduce your pack weight even more, you can opt for a hammock (weather permitting) instead of a tent. You can use two Pry.Me bottle openers to jerry-rig a hanging system for your hammock. The Pry.Me is lighter than traditional hooks and is strong enough to support your body as you sleep.

Don’t get stressed while packing for your overnight hiking trip. Use the Pry.Me bottle opener to drink a few pre-hike beers. Then, once you’ve lightened your load, you should have more space for beer! And with your extremely lightweight and durable keychain bottle opener, you’re sure to have a great time on your trip.

Have you thought of any creative uses for your Pry.Me bottle opener? Please share them with us!

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